Carnelian Center

Mailing Address: PO Box 452, Dixon, NM 87527
County of Location: Rio Arriba
Phone: (505) 579-9630
NTEE Code: E- Health Care
Mission Statement:

To provide the community with affordable holistic health care services while nurturing the individual through art, education and cultural integration. Our vision is to create healing in a beautiful, peaceful setting of therapeutic pools with respect for the ecosystem and the preciousness of water.

Primary Programs:

Dixon is a small Northern New Mexico artist colony, located in the picturesque Embudo Valley, which boasts a beautiful river with a strong and agriculturally active acequia (irrigation waterway) system. A number of local Churches and a hand-full of non-profit organizations, help to support and strengthen the Dixon community and it’s surrounding areas.

Some of the local non-profits include the Dixon Arts Association, the Embudo Valley Library, Dixon CO-OP Market and Dixon’s own short wave radio station. All this plus the community’s art galleries and bed & breakfasts make Dixon home to long-time residents, a destination for weekend getaways and a new home for those looking for a simpler way of life.

The Dixon community’s intent to create non-profit health based organizations has been long-standing throughout the years. Many groups and individuals have cultivated ideas ranging from Healing Spas, Retirement Homes, Spiritual Retreats and HMO based organizations.

A few years ago the vision of a Non-Profit Holistic Health Center began to solidify for the group of us, who have coalesced our like-minded visions into what has unified to become ‘The Carnelian Center’.

Our goal is to finally bring the Dixon community’s long-time dream of affordable, holistic health care, to fruition.

Populations Served: All Populations
Counties Served: Rio Arriba, Taos
Year Founded:


Annual Budget: $24,999 or less
Personnel: All Volunteer
Executive Director:

Lluvia Lawyer-Aby

Accepts inquiries: Accepts inquiries about volunteering, Accepts inquiries about board member positions
Nonprofit Status: Has 501(c)(3) nonprofit status from the IRS

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