National Center for Genome Resources

Mailing Address: 2935 Rodeo Park Drive East, Santa Fe, NM 87505
County of Location: Santa Fe
Phone: (505) 995-4451
NTEE Code: H- Medical Research, K- Agriculture, Food, Nutrition, U- Science and Technology Research Institutes
Mission Statement:

Our mission is to improve health, nutrition and the environment by genome sequencing and analysis.

Primary Programs:

Programs include understanding genetic diversity in the model legume Medicago truncatula, sequencing of the cotton genome, developing a comparative legume database, understanding genetic mechanisms of legume disease resistance genes, studying genetic resources for medicinal plant species, understanding the process of plant meiosis and the development of diversity in crop species, studying the implications of how genomes are organized, understanding the genomics of animal pathogenesis and nutrition, developing a universal screening test for recessive childhood diseases, sequencing the genomes of identical twins that are discordant for multiple sclerosis, developing new tests to diagnose patients who have severe infections in the emergency room and identifying condition specific gene expression and alternative splicing in Schizophrenics.

Populations Served: All Populations
Counties Served: Statewide, National, International
Year Founded:


Annual Budget: $5,000,000 or more
Personnel: 30 to 59 FTE
Executive Director:

Greg D. May, Ph.D.

Accepts inquiries: Accepts inquiries about volunteering, Accepts inquiries about board member positions
Nonprofit Status: Has 501(c)(3) nonprofit status from the IRS

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