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Organization NTEE Code Mission City
B- Education

Agricultural Education prepares students for successful careers and a lifetime of informed choices in the global agriculture,...

Las Cruces
P- Human Services

Provides shelter and services for victims of domestic violence. El Puente also provides legal services, orders of protection,...

T- Philanthropy, Voluntarism and Grantmaking Foundations

Financially sponsor volunteer service to help individuals and groups who serve gain timely and affordable access to resources...

C- Environment

To increase pride and participation in projects set up by the committee

To propose projects for completion in annual...

A- Arts, Culture and Humanities, B- Education, O- Youth Development, P- Human Services, S- Community Improvement, Capacity Building, T- Philanthropy, Voluntarism and Grantmaking Foundations, W- Public, Society Benefit, Y- Mutual/Membership Benefit Organizations, Other

Capitan Public Library and its volunteer staff inspire personal growth by providing the community with free, open, and equal...

E- Health Care, G- Disease, Disorders, Medical Disciplines, P- Human Services

Silver Adult Care Services (SACS) is committed to provide services to adults who are frail elderly, disabled by the conditions...

Silver City
P- Human Services

The Decentralized Intelligence Agency supports educational and mental health initiatives for underserved communities by...

White Oaks
M- Public Safety, Disaster Preparedness and Relief

Always In Blue, Inc. was developed from the need to assist law enforcement that are injured or will be injured in the line of...

Rio Rancho
B- Education, V- Social Science Research Institutes

CASAA exists to conduct high quality scientific research to advance knowledge necessary to improve prevention and treatment,...


With an emphasis on youth, rewarding people who enrich our environments, thus bettering our community’s health.

D- Animal Related

The mission of Extraordinary Dogs Inc. is to provide rescued "death row" dogs with the skills and training to help them become...

L- Housing and Shelter

Our mission is to provide safe, adequate housing for low income families in Hobbs, New Mexico. We accomplish this using...

B- Education, D- Animal Related

The Humane Society of Southern New Mexico strives to employ “best practices" in animal welfare work through programs and...

Las Cruces
B- Education, F- Mental Health, Crisis Intervention, I- Crime, Legal Related, J- Employment, Job Related, L- Housing and Shelter, P- Human Services, X- Religion, Spiritual Development

Our faith-based programs will provide assistance in RECOVERING what may have been lost; Encouragement in RENEWING a sense of...

Los Lunas
B- Education

The Ayurvedic Institute is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that teaches the principles and practices of Ayurveda, the...

E- Health Care

Committed to providing superior emergency medical services and to continuous improvement in patient care and outcomes.

B- Education

Provides a forum for improving laboratory management skills worldwide through conferences, short courses, networks, discussion...

Santa Fe
X- Religion, Spiritual Development

Our Mission Is: To welcome persons inquiring about the Christian faith; to invite persons to growth as Christian disciples; to...

L- Housing and Shelter

To facilitate family relationships of prison inmates at New Mexico prisons.

S- Community Improvement, Capacity Building

Committed to helping create - a New Mexico with full employment, minimal poverty and crime, and family self-sufficiency. HELP-...

O- Youth Development, T- Philanthropy, Voluntarism and Grantmaking Foundations, Y- Mutual/Membership Benefit Organizations, Other

The Active 20/30 Club of Albuquerque is a group of young professionals under forty years of age who support community and...

B- Education, J- Employment, Job Related, O- Youth Development, S- Community Improvement, Capacity Building, W- Public, Society Benefit

Live and Learn New Mexico! wants to empower adults through education and training, resulting in happier families, stronger...

Bosque Farms
P- Human Services

Our singular purpose is to offer a well-prepared and nutritious mid-day meal free of charge to hungry and disadvantaged...

Las Cruces
B- Education

Friends of Mountain Mahogany Community School, Inc. (also known as FOMM) is an independently operated New Mexico non-profit...

A- Arts, Culture and Humanities, B- Education, L- Housing and Shelter, O- Youth Development, S- Community Improvement, Capacity Building

Cornerstones Community Partnerships (a Santa Fe, NM nonprofit) supports southwestern communities to preserve their historic...

Santa Fe