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Organization NTEE Code Mission City
P- Human Services

Our mission is simple but zealous....We create dream bedrooms for children with life-threatening illnesses. This is a place...

B- Education, D- Animal Related, F- Mental Health, Crisis Intervention, J- Employment, Job Related, N- Recreation, Sports, Leisure, Athletics

Horses for Heroes- New Mexico, Inc serves the state of NM providing horse therapy, wellness and ranch skills free of charge to...

Santa Fe
A- Arts, Culture and Humanities, B- Education

Our mission is to preserve Pueblo culture and to advance understanding by presenting with dignity and respect the...

B- Education

To support and advance the work of counselors as they help students realize their full educational potential with particular...

A- Arts, Culture and Humanities, O- Youth Development, C- Environment, S- Community Improvement, Capacity Building, K- Agriculture, Food, Nutrition, X- Religion, Spiritual Development

HAMAATSA is an indigenous continuum learning center and demonstration site committed to regenerative and sustainable living,...

I- Crime, Legal Related

The mission of the New Mexico Board of Bar Examiners is to:
(1) investigate the professional qualifications and good...

A- Arts, Culture and Humanities

To recognize, support, and promote the talents and skills of artists who are veterans, who are serving on Active Duty or...

P- Human Services

The mission of the Family Crisis Center is to enhance community harmony and strengthen families and individuals by promoting...

Q- International, Foreign Affairs, and National Security

Mobilizing resources in support of health care for the poor and needy in the vicinity of Bhimavaram, India.

Los Alamos
A- Arts, Culture and Humanities, B- Education, S- Community Improvement, Capacity Building

An organization that wants to promote the identification, documentation, preservation and education of people about the New...

Santa Fe
B- Education

To educate talented and motivated college-bound Navajo and other Native American youth who have the potential to succeed in...

F- Mental Health, Crisis Intervention, P- Human Services

Hope and a hand-up. Changing the world, by strengthening our community, one life-seed at a time.

P- Human Services

Provide professional dental services and oral health education through a portable school-based program to all under-served...

B- Education

The Roswell Literacy Council is dedicated to adult learning in Chaves County.

F- Mental Health, Crisis Intervention

The mission of the Association is to enhance the quality of life in New Mexico by promoting the development of professional...

B- Education, N- Recreation, Sports, Leisure, Athletics, O- Youth Development

To inspire and enable all youth, especially those who needs us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring,...


To educate home builders in the newest laws and building methods and to inform the public of builders in the community.

D- Animal Related, F- Mental Health, Crisis Intervention, P- Human Services

To assist U.S. military veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and traumatic brain injury (TBI) as well as local...

C- Environment, D- Animal Related, E- Health Care, K- Agriculture, Food, Nutrition, N- Recreation, Sports, Leisure, Athletics, O- Youth Development, X- Religion, Spiritual Development, Y- Mutual/Membership Benefit Organizations, Other

To encourage the integration of traditional cultures with healthy food and family ceremonies, celebrating traditional healing...

L- Housing and Shelter, X- Religion, Spiritual Development

A non-profit organization dedicated to providing the very best physical, psychological and spiritual care for school-aged...

U- Science and Technology Research Institutes

Promote economic growth and support education through the innovative use of technology based applications, provided by New...

L- Housing and Shelter

To provide pet-friendly emergency shelter, transitional housing, and support services to the homeless women of Taos County....

B- Education, O- Youth Development

The African American Cultural Association (AACA) sole purpose is to provide academic and personal support, health &...

W- Public, Society Benefit

Our mission is: To be a catalyst for positive change by

engaging citizens in policy and enabling action.

E- Health Care

To promote excellence in patient care by identifying and solving physician practice problems in any practice environment...

Albuquerque, NM