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The New Mexico Nonprofit Directory is a searchable database to help you learn about nonprofits in the state.

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Organization NTEE Code Mission City
M- Public Safety, Disaster Preparedness and Relief

We are called upon to perform a wide range of protective services. We are trained and equipped for structure and wild land...

Santa Fe
O- Youth Development

The mission of New Mexico Friends of Foster Children (NMFFC) is to improve the quality of life of abused and neglected...

A- Arts, Culture and Humanities

Through the Flower is a non-profit Feminist art organization founded by Judy Chicago in 1978. Our mission is to educate a...

B- Education, C- Environment, E- Health Care, K- Agriculture, Food, Nutrition, O- Youth Development, R- Civil Rights, Social Action, Advocacy, S- Community Improvement, Capacity Building, Y- Mutual/Membership Benefit Organizations, Other

We are a diverse group of people dedicated in preserving and sharing our cultures and restoring a healthy way of life through...

Santa Cruz
L- Housing and Shelter

Navajo United Methodist Center is a nonprofit agency providing direct services and transitional living shelter for women and...

A- Arts, Culture and Humanities, O- Youth Development

To give youth who are locked-up in juvenile detention facilities the tools to help them change the outcome of their lives by...

Las Cruces
B- Education, O- Youth Development, X- Religion, Spiritual Development

The AWANA program at Grace Church has been an integral part of the children’s and youth ministries since the early 1960’s....

S- Community Improvement, Capacity Building Belen
X- Religion, Spiritual Development

To help all people experience, explore, and express the love of God.

Z- Unknown

To relieve human suffering by facilitating the donation, retrieval, processing and equitable distribution of corneal tissue...

A- Arts, Culture and Humanities

Preservation and education of Quay County Railroad Industry.

D- Animal Related, K- Agriculture, Food, Nutrition, N- Recreation, Sports, Leisure, Athletics, O- Youth Development

To enhance the lives of the El Valle residents by responding to their needs, concerns and desires.

P- Human Services, F- Mental Health, Crisis Intervention

Tri-County Community Services provides quality mental health psychotherapy, alcohol and chemical addiction and


A- Arts, Culture and Humanities

To support the Santa Fe Public Library by providing funding, advocacy, programming, services and materials that enrich the...

Santa Fe
P- Human Services

To provide and(or) locate necessary support services for persons with disABILITIES that promote their independence and full...

Las Cruces
A- Arts, Culture and Humanities

CAC is dedicated to providing the citizens it represents, especially our youth, with experiences in the arts by offering an...

O- Youth Development, P- Human Services, Q- International, Foreign Affairs, and National Security, R- Civil Rights, Social Action, Advocacy, X- Religion, Spiritual Development

Lutheran Family Services Rocky Mountains is a faith based, non-profit human service agency helping children and families...

A- Arts, Culture and Humanities

Keshet’s mission is to inspire and unite community by fostering unlimited possibilities through dance, mentorship and a...

B- Education

Financial support of Taos Public Library.

B- Education, J- Employment, Job Related, K- Agriculture, Food, Nutrition, L- Housing and Shelter, X- Religion, Spiritual Development

St. Bonaventure Indian Mission and School is a private, Catholic agency providing the people of the Eastern Navajo Reservation...

A- Arts, Culture and Humanities

Working to help rural people in Mexico and Latin America improve the quality of their lives.

J- Employment, Job Related, S- Community Improvement, Capacity Building

Southwest Creations Collaborative's MISSION is to create dignified living wage jobs for women in New Mexico through a...

X- Religion, Spiritual Development

Share Christ's love and Gospel in Albuquerque's International Zone with an ethnically diverse and disadvantaged population;...

O- Youth Development, P- Human Services

The Hands of Hope Pregnancy Center is a Christian ministry that upholds the sanctity of human life by providing support and...

C- Environment

To support the Valles Caldera National Preserve for present and future generations through outreach, education, restoration,...

Jemez Springs