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The New Mexico Nonprofit Directory is a searchable database to help you learn about nonprofits in the state.

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Organization NTEE Code Mission City
P- Human Services, Z- Unknown

JOY Centers were established and incorporated in 1982 to provide services to Senior Citizens in Chaves County age 60 and over...

P- Human Services, T- Philanthropy, Voluntarism and Grantmaking Foundations

Uniting Neighbors and Changing Lives through improvements in Education, Income & Health for residents of Curry and...

B- Education

Santa Fe for Students' mission is to provide comprehensive support for low-income elementary school students and families of...

Santa Fe
B- Education, C- Environment

The Ocamora Retreat Center is a place that nurtures healing and wisdom through the intimate experience of Self and the...

C- Environment, W- Public, Society Benefit, L- Housing and Shelter

Architecture 2030's Mission is to rapidly transform the U.S. and global Building Sector from the major contributor of...

Santa Fe
B- Education, O- Youth Development, R- Civil Rights, Social Action, Advocacy

Our mission is to unite Native American stakeholders utilizing Community Organizing strategies to improve the quality of life...

B- Education, O- Youth Development, P- Human Services, S- Community Improvement, Capacity Building, T- Philanthropy, Voluntarism and Grantmaking Foundations, W- Public, Society Benefit, Y- Mutual/Membership Benefit Organizations, Other

To advance the common good, create lasting change and enrich lives by harnessing the collective compassion and resources of...

P- Human Services

Encouraging and empowering women and men to make healthy and positive life choices.

Las Vegas
L- Housing and Shelter

Emphasis is on meeting society's basic needs for food, clean water, health care, and shelter. By finding ways to reuse all "...

Santa Fe
A- Arts, Culture and Humanities

The purpose of the society is the elevation of the stature of watercolor as an art medium and the education of the public as...

A- Arts, Culture and Humanities, B- Education, N- Recreation, Sports, Leisure, Athletics, O- Youth Development, P- Human Services

To inspire and enable all young people, especially those from disadvantaged circumstances, to realize their full potential as...


The mission of the Open Space Division is to acquire, protect, maintain, and manage significant natural landscapes and...

S- Community Improvement, Capacity Building

To preserve and enhance historic downtown Truth or Consequences through education, historic preservation, economic development...

Truth or Consequences
O- Youth Development

To Inspire and Enable All Young People, Especially Those Who Need Us the Most, to Realize Their Full Potential as Productive,...

F- Mental Health, Crisis Intervention, I- Crime, Legal Related, L- Housing and Shelter, Z- Unknown

The Mission of Brandon’s Cause is to enhance the community awareness and capacity to assist Victims and families of serious or...

I- Crime, Legal Related

Facilitates family visits to prisoners at the state penitentiary.

Santa Fe
A- Arts, Culture and Humanities

The Taos Center for the Arts, as arts council, public leader, partner and catalyst inspires creative expression throughout...

C- Environment Albuquerque
K- Agriculture, Food, Nutrition

To feed the needy from the community soup kitchen.

I- Crime, Legal Related Albuquerque
B- Education

The mission of the Women’s International Study Center is to interpret the lives and advance the contributions of Eva Scott,...

Santa Fe
A- Arts, Culture and Humanities

The mission of the Capitol Art Foundation is to collect, preserve, exhibit, interpret, and promote appreciation of works of...

Santa Fe
I- Crime, Legal Related

Our mission is to provide respectful, efficient, high quality legal advice, brief service and referrals to eligible low-income...

E- Health Care, F- Mental Health, Crisis Intervention, N- Recreation, Sports, Leisure, Athletics

The mission of Cloud Dancers Therapeutic Horsemanship Program is to empower individuals with special needs through equine...

U- Science and Technology Research Institutes

To improve the quality, access, and cost-effectiveness of health care provided to the US population by conducting research in...