Advanced Indirect Cost Allocation: Optimizing Your Preparation and Reducing Risks

Thursday, September 12, 2019 - 11:00am to 12:30pm
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It is one thing for a nonprofit to know where to find the various federal indirect cost allocation rules or even to have a basic understanding, but do you know how to apply the them in more complex situations? What are your options? What choices are made by the federal government? Which issues can you influence and how do you best do that? This webinar will help you navigate the complex world of specific advanced indirect cost topics such your preferred rate types, when is the de minimis 10% rate right for you, differing direct cost base options, how best to pool indirect costs, seeking and negotiating a federal rate and how to navigate your unallowable costs.

Please join Rex Porter, CEO of Porter Group LLC, for this detailed session covering advanced topics in indirect cost allocation, including key aspects of applied indirect cost rate planning, application and reporting in this new era of accountability under 2 CFR 200. Mr. Porter will provide useful insights and recommendations for understanding and applying indirect cost rates and cost allocation requirements beyond the basics.

*Prior to attending this webinar, we recommend that you have either successfully completed Indirect Cost Rates and Cost Allocation Issues: Best Practices Under 2 CFR 200 Rules or have at least 2 - 3 years of applied knowledge in this field.

Sampling of what this webinar will cover:

  • Rates types—how to seek other than provisional rates
  • Rates—is the 10% de minimis rate right for you?
  • Bases—how to use MTDC and other bases
  • Pools—how to create an indirect cost pool and common elements
  • Unallowable costs—how to recognize and eliminate
  • Plans—can we use our own indirect rate plan to bill our funder
  • NICRA—how to seek your first federal indirect cost rate
  • Common indirect cost audit findings
  • Complex indirect cost FAQ nonprofits and our answers

Your Conference Leader:

Your conference leader for “Advanced Indirect Cost Allocation: Optimizing Your Preparation and Reducing Risks” is Rex L. Porter. Rex is the principal and founder of Porter Group LLC, a premier national federal grant funding and compliance consultant service that serves nonprofits across the country. During his 25-year career in federal grants management Rex has served as a federal grants official, grant funded organization executive director and local government project manager. These experiences prepared him for his role as a sought after federal grants compliance expert. His current practice supports nonprofits and local governments stay compliant with the ever changing and complex world of federal grant rules – especially 2 CFR 200.

Rex is a retired Air Force officer who worked extensively with federal funded grants and contracts. His degrees include a master of business administration, master of science in systems management and he is certificated in nonprofit management and holds federal certificates in program and contract management. Through his Porter Group LLC consulting firm, Rex annually helps dozens of nonprofits and local government officials by conducting compliance risk assessments, building better internal controls for grants compliance and creating and delivering unique and compelling training materials.

An avid hiker, Rex and his wife enjoy the environment and scenery around their Scottsdale, Arizona home and he considers traveling and spending time with family his two favorite hobbies. He enjoys giving back to his community. On any given night Rex might be found doing pro bono searches for grant funds or helping a local nonprofit improve their grant practices.

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