The Assertive Ask

Thursday, May 2, 2019 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm
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You have a potential donor wants to learn more about your organization. How do you prepare for the meeting? You may be wondering what to say and how to say it. Don’t panic! If you have ever reached this point and struggled with your confidence to make the ASK, this webinar will prepare you for the next BIG meeting.

Kristal Johnson leads workshops for fundraisers and development teams online and around the country. During these interactive trainings, Kristal teaches people to be assertive and fundraise without fear.

Learning objectives:

-The 5 CRITICAL steps you should take to prepare yourself for the BIG meeting
-How to build your confidence, even if you are an introvert
-Two key areas to focus your conversation
-The #1 strategy you can implement at your next ASK

About the presenter

Kristal M. Johnson is an international speaker, trainer, and author. Over the last decade, she has coached thousands across North America, Europe, and Africa to collectively raise $200 million from funders and individual donors. Her fundraising course, The Assertive Ask, is used by nonprofit leaders, public speakers, and social entrepreneurs. Because of her first-hand experience, both in nonprofit development and marketing, she is a sought-after speaker and content producer for many organizations, including international grant consultancy firms and economic development councils.

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