Making the Team Work through Managing Diversity

Thursday, February 20, 2020 - 11:00am to 12:00pm
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This workshop is a one-hour program that prepares individuals who will be members of a diverse team to participate effectively to maximize their contributions to the team by using their collective intelligence toward a common team objective.

We look at team-building issues and diversity not only in relation to race, ethnicity, gender, etc. but also across business functions, geographic areas, managerial levels and we explore how all these things can affect the workplace and profitability.

We will also examine the concepts of cross-cultural communications, cultural diversity and the challenge of interacting with people who have different cultural backgrounds and experiences.

Why you should Attend

  • Participants learn how to take advantage of individual differences to create team synergy
  • Participants learn the people skills and specific responsibilities needed to be a good team member in working with and in diverse groups
  • Participants learn the roles and functions of the team itself and each member learns to be more inclusive and value other people their ideas and participation
  • Participants learn effective feedback and coaching skills and understand that the team development process builds team spirit and helps the team become productive more quickly
  • Participants learn how effective cross-cultural/cross-gender communication skills positively affect the functioning of the team
  • Participants learn how to work toward mutually beneficial solutions by valuing other team members skills and abilities
  • Participants learn how to participate in team meetings effectively
  • Consensus and Conflict Resolution. Participants learn the proper use of these basic team skills

Areas Covered in the Session

  • The Value of Managing Diversity
  • Key Elements of the Team Member Role
  • The Structure of an Effective Team
  • The Process of Team Development
  • Application of Key Communication Skills
  • Achieving Collaborative Outcomes
  • Effective Team Meeting Skills
  • The Team Skills of Brainstorming
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