Do This Not That: Collaborating with Co-Workers & Problem Solving Advice

Thursday, June 11, 2020 - 11:00am to 12:00pm
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Nonprofit Marketing Guide
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Collaboration is the C in our CALM not BUSY method.

It all sounds good in theory, but wow, can it be hard to do consistently!

That was true even before the pandemic, and now with many people working at home, new issues are arising even in organizations where collaboration used to be natural and easy. One urgent request or emergency can send all of your best intentions and planning out the window.

During this brand-new webinar, we’ll give you lots of ideas and share experiences from other nonprofits who have overcome collaboration challenges with coworkers and managers.

We’ll look at these seven scenarios specifically . . .

  1. You have big projects that need your attention, but you keep getting pulled into other people’s work.
  2. With everyone working at home, your boss or colleagues now communicate all day, every day, and even on weekends.
  3. Your hours are being cut back, but the assigned workload isn’t.
  4. You work for someone who is visionary, but who is also very disorganized and/or frequently changes their mind.
  5. You can’t get the information you need from the right people to do your job well, including program staff or senior executives.
  6. You are in a new job or have been given new leeway to do the comms work, but don’t know where to start to be the most strategic.
  7. Your to-do list is completely out of control and coworkers and managers keep piling it on.

If two or more of these situations feel all too familiar, you can’t afford to miss this webinar!

We’ll look at how you can tackle these and similar situations by . . .

  • Taking ownership of problems and solutions by naming them properly
  • Helping coworkers and managers really “see” you and the value of communications work
  • Changing your organizational culture by establishing simple rules for how comms should work
  • Setting personal boundaries for how you collaborate with others at work

While the solutions we share won’t necessarily work overnight, they will work over time. We promise, they’ll be relatively easy to implement, compared to muddling through and putting up with these challenges!

Join us!

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