Easy Use of Workplace Data for Succession Planning

Wednesday, May 15, 2019 - 1:30pm to 3:00pm
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A business cannot run effectively unless future leaders are identified and developed. Succession planning requires prediction. To make good predictions requires analytical data, including HR and company operational data.

Succession planning also requires the use of metrics. Metrics are important as indicators of whether the company has meet key performance measures or not. For example, a metric can show you someone’s current job performance, but that may not be a good predictor of how someone will conduct himself or herself as a supervisor. Additionally, if the employee’s performance is viewed through the eyes of favoritism or the employee’s goals were not accurate, even the metric can be flawed.

Succession planning requires solid analytics and specific, accurate metric benchmarks for the business. It is critical that this data cannot be just HR data. If succession planning is defined as having the talent necessary to meet business needs, the business data cannot be disregarded.

This webinar will cover the use of metrics and analytics in succession planning by working through the following three practical case studies regarding succession planning.

  1. High turnover/low skill company.

  2. Rapidly growing, tech company with low turnover/high skill.

  3. Company with a mix of high/medium/low skill jobs with regular turnover whose business model is to promote from within.  



  • The difference between metrics and analytics. What metrics to use, when and for what purpose.

  • How HR metrics and business metrics must be used together to solve HR problems and develop HR programs.  

  • Understanding and appreciating the utility of analytics — even if you hate math.

  • The three important things you have to understand about analytics.

  • How the CEO would approach the three case studies and how you should too

Understanding the language of business — numbers. Develop confidence using, depending upon and speaking about analytics and metrics.


Teri Morning, MBA, MS, SHRM-SCP, specializes in solving company “people problems” and linking employee performance with compensation. Teri also sources software solutions for employee relations, compensation and performance management. Teri has over 15 years human resource and training experience in a variety of professional fields, including retail, distribution, architectural, engineering, consulting, manufacturing (union), public sector and both profit and non-profit company structures. Teri has enjoyed consulting with employers on their problems and trained managers and employees for over 15 years, meeting and working with employees from all types of businesses. In addition to an MBA, Teri has a Master’s degree in Human Resource Development with a specialization in Conflict Management. She was certified by the State of Indiana in mediation skills, is certified in Project Management and IT Management, qualified as a Myers-Briggs practitioner and holds the SHRM certification of a Senior Certified Professional.

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