Ethical Fundraising - Staying within the Lines: A Step-by-Step Guide

Monday, July 13, 2020 - 1:00pm to 2:30pm
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In order to financially support your organization, donors must trust you. Ethical fundraising is imperative to maintaining both our donors’ and the public’s trust. While some fundraising approaches may be legal, it does not mean they are ethical. Learn how to help your organization maintain the highest ethical standards in fundraising. 

This session will explore methods for evaluating and resolving common ethical dilemmas. Using the Association of Fundraising Professionals’ Code of Ethical Conduct, the Donor Bill of Rights, and the Standards for Excellence® as our guides, we will explore the trickiest issues in fundraising ethics and have the opportunity to apply a variety of ethical decision-making models to case studies. 

Stephanie Cory has dedicated her career to the nonprofit sector since 2003. She has served as a development director, executive director, adjunct professor, and consultant. 

During This Nonprofit Webinar You Will Learn:

  • How to define ethical fundraising
  • How to explain the importance of ethical fundraising to others at your organization
  • How to identify and mitigate potential conflicts of interest
  • How to recognize common ethical issues in fundraising
  • How to establish policies and procedures to support ethical fundraising
  • How to resolve ethical dilemmas using a variety of ethical decision-making frameworks  and published resources
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