Federal Grant Compliance for Executive Directors

Tuesday, January 21, 2020 - 11:00am to 12:30pm
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Nonprofit WebAdvisor
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Compliance. We hear the word a lot. If possible, even more the last couple of years in the world of federally funded nonprofit grant work. What does ‘compliance’ mean to you, the leader of a nonprofit—when you’re at least partially federally funded? It should mean a lot to you since the federal government is your partner and investor!

We know that our federally funded projects (or partially federally funded) come with compliance rules. But unless we’re comfortable with these kinds of terms: Control environment, internal control, compliance supplement and Uniform Guidance…we shouldn’t feel comfortable. What then?


A sampling of the federal grant compliance issues we will cover:

  • Basics of federal funding risks, compliance and your rewards
  • What is your ‘control environment,’ what is ‘COSO’ and do they matter
  • Keys to post grant award administration of your non-profit grants
  • Important post-award cost principles related to federal funds
  • Audit issues under federal awards, no matter the size of the award
  • Your key non-profit federal grant internal controls and samples
  • Taking you beyond basic understanding of grant compliance
  • Assessing your nonprofit’s compliance when using federal grant funds
  • Preparing, planning and implementing follow-on actions, including, as needed
  • Revising internal federal grant internal controls and practices
  • Developing or improving monitoring plans
  • Seeking stronger internal business and project practices
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