Federal Grants 101: Securing Millions for Your Organization

Wednesday, July 17, 2019 - 1:00pm to 2:30pm
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Nonprofit organizations want to secure federal dollars because there are millions of dollars available, and they are often multi-year grant awards. But where do you get started with such a large and competitive process?

Participating in “Federal Grants 101: Securing Millions for Your Organization”  will provide you with a basic knowledge and understanding of the federal grant seeking process from initial opportunity identification and preplanning for forecasted applications through completing a competitive application.

Applying for federal funding for the first time can feel like a daunting task.

In this live, interactive nonprofit webinar we will break down the steps necessary to be “grant ready” as a potential federal grantee. We will *briefly* review the federal grant registration process.  We will focus *in detail* on how to identify funding opportunities prior to their formal NOFA/FOA release in order to conduct strong pre-planning and application design. We will also walk through common elements of success and pitfalls of federal grant applications.

Participating in “Federal Grants 101: Securing Millions for Your Organization” will give you a strong framework for your grant seeking efforts to ensure that you are following best practices for starting a federal grant application.  By following these best practices, your organization will ultimately achieve your desired grant funding success through federal grants.

What You Will Learn from this Live Interactive Nonprofit Webinar
  • How to be “grant ready” to be a federal grantee.

  • How to identify potential federal grant opportunities prior to a NOFA/FOA being released to allow for pre-planning.

  • How to structure and conduct your pre-planning and application development process.

  • What are common elements of competitive federal grant applications.

  • What are common weak points of federal grant applications.

This Webinar is Perfect For You If…

●    You are new or relatively new to the field of grant seeking.

●    You are new or relatively new to applying for federal grants.

●    You are looking to fine tune your federal grant seeking process to determine which aspects you can improve in order to increase your success percentage of funded grant applications.

This Webinar Includes the Following Supporting Materials

1.  A Getting Started on Federal Grants checklist.

2. A fillable pdf worksheet for creating your key activities work plan as it relates to your goals and objectives.

3. A free 30-minute follow-up consultation with Diane about your specific questions or concerns about federal grant seeking.

Presented by Grant Writing Expert Diane H. Leonard, GPC 

Diane H. Leonard, GPC is a Grant Professional Certified (GPC) and Approved Trainer for the Grant Professionals Association. Diane and her team have secured more than $51.1 million dollars in competitive grant awards since 2006 for the clients of DH Leonard Consulting & Grant Writing Services. When not working with her team on grant applications for clients, Diane can be found in the 1000 Islands, out for a run, or drinking a strong cup of coffee.

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