Federally Funded Grant Project Monitoring: Best Practices and Keys to Success

Thursday, October 10, 2019 - 11:00am to 12:30pm
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Running a federally funded grant project is a job that many are not formally trained for. You may not be familiar with common project level bumps in the road that often occur when we spend federal grant project funds either. This webinar will cover key elements of federal project monitoring standards, demonstrate how to monitor projects well, and identify risky areas to look for starting on day one. Good internal grant-funded project monitoring requires that your project manager knows the federal rules, has good internal monitoring practices and tailors his/her monitoring to the specific project and its risks.

Please join Rex Porter as he provides valuable and practical federal grant-funded project monitoring best practices. Rex will focus on skill development when operating in the world of federally funded grant project monitoring under 2 CFR 200. He will also provide the needed project monitoring core skills to be compliant and successful in your nonprofit niche.

Just a sampling of what this webinar will cover:

  • Learning what the key federal funded grant project monitoring objectives are
  • Understanding Uniform Guidance's (2 CFR 200) monitoring related standards
  • Developing an internal grant project monitoring annual plan
  • Using and applying a project monitoring plan at your nonprofit
  • Learning special grant project monitoring areas of concern, including risk assessments and additional monitoring special conditions
  • Determining when to provide technical assistance or take enforcement action
  • Keeping essential internal project monitoring documentation
  • Using essential grant project monitoring policies, procedures and other tools
  • Finding invaluable monitoring tools from open sources

Conference Leader:

Your conference leader for "Federally Funded Grant Project Monitoring: Best Practices and Keys to Success" is Rex L. Porter. Rex is the principal and founder of Porter Group LLC, a premier national federal grant funding and compliance consulting service that serves nonprofits across the country. During his 25-year career in federal grants management, Rex has served as a federal grant official, grant-funded organization executive director and local government project manager. These experiences prepared him for his role as a sought-after federal grant compliance expert. His current practice helps nonprofits and local governments stay compliant with the ever changing and complex world of federal grant rules – especially 2 CFR 200. Rex is a retired Air Force officer who worked extensively with federal funded grants and contracts during his career. His degrees include a Masters of Business Administration, Masters of Science in Systems Management and he is certificated in Nonprofit Management and holds federal certificates in program and contract management. Through his Porter Group LLC consulting firm, every year Rex helps dozens of nonprofits and local government officials by conducting compliance risk assessments, building better internal controls for grants compliance and creating and delivering unique and compelling training materials.

An avid hiker, Rex and his wife enjoy the environment and scenery around their Scottsdale, Arizona home and he considers traveling and spending time with family his two favorite hobbies. He enjoys giving back to his community. On any given evening Rex might be found doing pro bono searches for grant funds or helping a local nonprofit improve their grant practices.

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