How to Build a Best-in-Class Nonprofit Executive Team

Monday, January 14, 2019 - 1:00pm
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The Bridgespan Group
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Achieving breakthrough results for nonprofit organizations is a team sport. Executive teams play a critical role in shaping organization-wide decisions and share responsibility for achieving the organization’s goals. However, shaping a high-performing executive team is no easy task. 

The Bridgespan Group report “Increasing Nonprofit Executive Effectiveness” reveals that most executive teams falter when it comes to effectiveness. In a survey of 362 executive team members, only a quarter of respondents “strongly agreed” that their CEOs effectively address team dynamics and performance challenges. Only 19 percent strongly agreed that their teams focus on the right work, and just 17 percent strongly agreed that they use their executive team meeting time well. 

Join us on January 14th at 12pm PT/3pm ET for a free webinar to learn more about why executive teams often underperform and how five steps can significantly improve their effectiveness. 

During the webinar, you’ll learn:
- How CEOs can more effectively manage their teams
- The ways team composition affects its ability to accomplish tasks
- How to determine and prioritize the tasks of the executive team
- Communication approaches that improve decision making
- The team dynamics that support productive engagement


Meera Chary

Principal @The Bridgespan Group

Meera Chary is a principal in The Bridgespan Group's San Francisco office. Since joining Bridgespan in 2010, she has worked with a variety of nonprofit and philanthropic clients in the education, youth development, and community development fields. With these clients, Meera has worked on a range of issues including strategy development, growth planning, organizational effectiveness, and implementation planning. Meera is a member of Bridgespan’s Leadership and Organization practice. She has been a coach and facilitator of Leading for Impact®, Bridgespan's two-year consulting and capacity building program for nonprofit executive teams, and now leads the development of the Leadership Accelerator, Bridgespan’s series of online- and team-based programs.

Libbie Landles-Cobb

Partner @The Bridgespan Group

Libbie is a partner in Bridgespan’s San Francisco office. She has worked with a variety of nonprofits, national networks, and foundations on issues of strategy and organizational development. As part of Bridgespan’s Leadership Practice, is a facilitator and coach in Bridgespan’s two-year consulting and capacity building program for nonprofit executive teams, Leading for Impact®. She also leads research on what is required to effectively develop nonprofit leaders. Libbie is co-author of "Boosting Nonprofit Performance Where it Counts," “The Nonprofit Leadership Development Deficit,” “Leadership Development: Aligning Funders’ Good Intentions with Nonprofits’ Real Needs,” and “Increasing Nonprofit Executive Team Effectiveness," all published by Stanford Social Innovation Review. Libbie has a BA, magna cum laude, in Mathematics and Music from Wellesley College, an MSc in Sociology from Oxford University, and an MBA with highest distinction from Harvard Business School.

Henry Barmeier

Manager @The Bridgespan Group

Henry is a manager in Bridgespan’s San Francisco office. Since joining the organization, Henry has worked extensively in Bridgespan’s Leadership Practice, as well as with direct service and philanthropy clients on strategic planning, talent development, performance management and new program development. Across this work, Henry has focused on building nonprofit organizational capacity. He has advised multiple clients on building and leveraging online learning for social sector audiences; and helped develop and facilitate Leading for Impact®, Bridgespan's two-year consulting and capacity building program for nonprofit executive teams. Henry is currently leading Bridgespan’s research on nonprofit executive team effectiveness and is co-author of “Increasing Nonprofit Executive Team Effectiveness.” Henry earned an AB in public policy at Princeton University and a dual master’s degrees in international education and environmental management at Oxford, where he was a Rhodes Scholar.




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