How to Make a Thank You Video that Delights Donors and Gets Them to Give Again

Tuesday, December 3, 2019 - 11:00am to 12:30pm
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Thank you videos are a simple and powerful way to communicate appreciation to your donors and demonstrate the impact of their gifts. You don't need to be a videographer or have special storytelling skills to create a simple and powerful thank you video.

During this nonprofit training webinar we will show you what you need to know to create thank you videos. We will show you examples of other small and medium-size nonprofits who have created effective thank you videos with minimal resources and very little experience. Simple and authentic thank you videos are now standard practice.

This webinar will give you the step-by-step guide to creating donor thank you videos that both inspire, delight, and communicate gratitude.  

Your presenter, Julia Campbell, has worked with small and mid-size nonprofits to create simple but powerful online fundraising campaigns that utilize digital tools including websites, email, social media, and video. Julia has done hands-on work with small shops to help them leverage the power of video to thank their donors (and get them to give again).

  • Examples of both polished and amateur thank you videos from small nonprofits
  • Simple ways to use your smartphone to record and edit the thank you video yourself  
  • A brief review of a variety of free and low-cost tools and mobile apps to enhance your video with subtitles, music, text overlay, and more
  • How to determine the goal of your video and choose metrics for success
  • How to show the impact of your work through video
  • How to choose a location to shoot your video
  • How to light the video and ensure that the sound quality is high (on a shoestring)
  • How to prepare the people that will be in the video
  • How to write talking points for the video that are donor-centric
  • Quick review about how to best share the video on your website and on social media  
  • CASE STUDY: How a local food bank used thank you videos on Instagram to increase donor retention
  • CASE STUDY: How a local women’s shelter used donor thank you videos in their online fundraising campaign

This Webinar is Perfect for You, If…

  • You want to enhance your donor acknowledgement process.
  • You are having trouble retaining donors.
  • You want to learn more about donor-centered fundraising.
  • You want to engage your donors in more authentic ways.

You’ll Get These BONUS Materials: 

  1. List of recommended video equipment for your smartphone
  2. List of free apps to download and play with
  3. List of links to dig deeper into smartphone video
  4. Release forms for adults and children.
  5. Special instructions for participating in today´s webinar
  6. Slides & recorded version of webinar
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