How to Set Up and Run a Successful Facebook Fundraising Campaign for Your Nonprofit

Wednesday, July 15, 2020 - 11:00am to 12:30pm
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During this nonprofit webinar, we will show you step-by-step proven tactics and strategies to successfully set up and run a great Facebook Fundraising campaign for your nonprofit.

Your presenter, Julia Campbell, has personally assisted many small and medium-size nonprofits with successful Facebook fundraising campaigns. During this nonprofit webinar, she will share her personal real world in the trenches experience of how she has helped other small and large nonprofits be successful with Facebook Fundraising campaigns.

Facebook’s Nonprofit Fundraising tools have topped $1 billion from 20 million people since being introduced on the platform three years ago.

During This Nonprofit Webinar You Will Learn:

Step 1: How to Lay the Foundation for a Successful Fundraising Campaign

  • How to identify and understand what makes some nonprofit Facebook Fundraising campaigns succeed while others flounder.
  • ​How to sign up and get registered with Facebook Fundraising tools for nonprofits.
  • How to build an engaged community on Facebook that will be excited to support you.

Step 2: How to Plan Your Facebook Fundraising Campaign

  • How to find out what makes your Facebook fans tick.
  • ​How to identify the messages that will resonate with your Facebook community.
  • How to find the best stories to share during the campaign.
  • How to create a nonprofit Facebook Fundraising Toolkit

Step 3: How to Launch Your Facebook Fundraising Campaign

  • How to create a “Launch Team” to help spread the word.
  • Real-world examples of nonprofit websites, email campaigns, and social media campaigns that worked

Step 4: How to Thank and Acknowledge Your Facebook Fundraisers and Donors

  • How to thank and acknowledge your Facebook Fundraisers
  • How to thank and acknowledge your new donors that came from Facebook (even if many of them don’t share their contact information)

Step 5: How to Keep Momentum and Build on Success

  • How to continue to reach your donors in a crowded digital landscape
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