How To Take The Fear Out of Public Speaking, Presenting and Asking

Wednesday, February 19, 2020 - 1:00pm to 1:45pm
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Do you hate public speaking? Do you lose sleep over presentations? Do you dread the thoughts of talking in front of people? Or do you just simply have that feeling you could be better and do more?

You are missing out because of this! If you're not putting time into improving your speaking then your fundraising, your career, your earnings, your opportunities, and your personal life are all suffering. Think what you could achieve if you were happy to put yourself out there!

In this webinar, past-UK & Ireland Public Speaking Champion Simon Scriver will show you what makes a great speaker: through body language and your voice to what you're actually all counts!

Simon will teach you how to get in the right mindset and how to constantly improve. He’ll share learnings from his journey to becoming a professional speaker, having begun as someone who was overwhelmingly fearful and anxious about speaking in front of even small groups.

What we will cover during the live webinar

  • How to manage your mindset and start to overcome your fears

  • How to use body language to command an audience

  • How to use your voice to hold attention

  • How to tailor your message to inspire and motivate

  • Where to practice and how to perfect your skills

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About Your Presenter

Simon Scriver is a TEDx speaker and has previously won the Toastmasters UK & Ireland International Speech Contest, having overcome a huge fear of public speaking.

As a professional fundraising consultant, coach, trainer, Board Member and practitioner, he offers advice and training to non-profits to make their fundraising more cost-effective, speaking regularly at international conferences.

Simon has won Fundraising Ireland's 'Small Budget, Big Impact' and ‘Supplier Of The Year’ Awards, as well as Eircom’s Start-up Award. He is a board member of a small non-profit ‘Making Connections’, he also sits on the Advisory Panel of Rogare, the international fundraising think tank, and is a member of the Institute of Fundraising and the AFP.

Simon also offers consultancy to some of the biggest and smallest charities in Ireland and abroad. He holds a Diploma in Fundraising and a Certificate in Fundraising.

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