Integrating Financial Management and Fundraising: Creating a Single-Minded Function to Ensure Sustainability

Tuesday, January 15, 2019 - 11:00am to 12:30pm
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Many nonprofits understand the need to enhance their resource development function to ensure financial sustainability... but few know exactly how to do it. While an organization may wish that its leadership team and board were more integrated and working in unison to increase giving, unfortunately, they often lack the strategies needed to achieve this alignment. Instead, the financial and development functions operate in silos with separate priorities and contradictory agendas.

In those special circumstances when it "clicks," when the CFO’s financial management role is integrated with the CDO’s resource development role, nothing is as productive in bringing in new philanthropic dollars. The energy of this integrated team becomes contagious, permeating the entire organization. When it does, everyone feels the effects... the board, executive director, staff, and most importantly, the donors.

Please join David Sayers and John Curtis as they outline the benefits of an integrated financial team, and address such challenges and opportunities as developing a capital reserve fund for program expansion or deferred maintenance; explaining the CFO’s role in raising major gifts and the CDO’s role in financial management; and demystifying how to increase giving from key stakeholders. This will be a short-shot, high-impact, fast-paced and intensive session appropriate for anyone responsible for attracting of and the stewardship over the institution’s financial resources.

What You'll Learn

Just a sampling of what this webinar will cover:

  • Learn the board and leadership’s role in integrating financial planning and resource development.

  • Identify the importance of a common financial “agenda” that drives all financial management and fundraising planning.

  • Recognize how to collect data and results to ensure shared measurement for alignment and accountability.

  • Learn the steps to build open communication across all administrative functions to build trust, assure mutual objectives and create common motivation.

  • Recognize the value of a culture of philanthropy and the specific skills need to create a fully integrated team.

  • And much more!


Your Conference Leaders

Your conference leaders for “Integrating Financial Management and Fundraising: Creating a Single-Minded Function to Ensure Sustainability” are John Curtis and David Sayers.

John Curtis founded IOD, Inc. in 1986 and has developed a proven track record in bringing sound organizational principles and leadership practices to hundreds of public, private and nonprofit organizations nationwide. He has 30+ years’ experience providing a wide array of consulting services to organizations of all types and sizes.

He also teaches strategic planning, leadership development, change management and fundraising for the Edyth Bush Institute for Philanthropy & Nonprofit Leadership at Rollins College in Florida, the Georgia Center for Nonprofits and the Duke Nonprofit Management Program in North Carolina and Virginia.

David Sayers is IOD’s director of financial services and has 20+ years’ experience beginning as a banker, then ultimately as a college CFO. Over his career he developed a proven track-record in accounting, education, real estate investing, and small business ownership. David now serves organizations by providing innovative and sustainable financial, managerial and accounting solutions to a full range of nonprofits and ministries.

He specializes in projects where he can blend the latest business best practices with mission-driven nonprofit motives. David teaches an array of business and financial courses for colleges and universities and the Georgia Center for Nonprofits in Atlanta.

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