Investigating a Complaint in the Workplace in the #MeToo Era

Tuesday, January 7, 2020 - 11:00am to 12:00pm
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Conducting workplace investigations is one of the most challenging management and HR duties, but also one of the most important. This webinar is designed to train managers and HR professionals in how to conduct a thorough, emotionally sensitive and impartial workplace investigation. Complaints of sexual misconduct, harassment, bullying and abuse abound in today's workplace.

Why you should Attend

You will learn when, how, and what to investigate? How to be empathic without agreeing and how to deal with the alleged violator as fairly as possible? Providing the victim support services if necessary and types of support will be offered. Proper techniques, decision-making and report writing will also be discussed.

Now is the time to increase your knowledge because now is the time when this issue is in the forefront of many minds and people who had been silent before are now coming forward thanks to the #MeToo Movement. There is an ethical, moral and legal duty to investigate thoroughly, to recognize due process - and also to recognize and over-come the natural biases we as investigators bring to the situation.

Areas Covered in the Session

  • Who should conduct the investigation - and who should not and why
  • How to start the process - being kind, empathic, but not agreeing to anyone
  • The importance of due process and not promising the wrong kind of confidentiality
  • Possible questions to ask
  • Your own biases - such as believing the first person and conformation bias
  • Effective policy and procedures
  • Interviewing witnesses, conducting evidence
  • Types of sanctions based on allegations
  • When for example to use mediation - when to call the police
  • Report writing
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