Managing Disruptive Employee Behaviors

Wednesday, May 9, 2012 - 11:00am to 12:00pm
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Nonprofit Webinars
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Most managers can easily identify an employee performance issue, but what is difficult is effectively communicating this information. From the employee’s perspective when their manager does initiate a discussion it can come across as finger-pointing and disciplinary. Naturally this approach causes most people to react defensively, leading to a confrontational exchange and a strained relationship. It can seem easier to avoid these conversations altogether, particularly when the issue relates to difficult to quantify and discuss behavior based issues. This session will teach an intuitive process for crafting hearable sayable performance feedback talking points to drive the change you are seeking while avoiding the difficulties that usually accompany these exchanges.

Gain practical skills to confidently take on those seemingly awkward yet critical exchanges in a far less stressful way.


  • Find the right words to address disruptive behaviors involving interpersonal skills, temperament, tone and approach, etc.
  • Use a diagnostic tool to accurately and quickly assess the overall performance effectiveness levels of your entire team.
  • Present feedback in a manner that minimizes awkwardness and defensiveness.


Jamie Resker is a recognized thought leader in the talent management field and is Founder and Practice Leader of Employee Performance Solutions. She developed an approach to initiating conversations about performance that don’t feel confrontational or threatening. Through workshops she teaches real-world skills to initiate conversations that don’t feel difficult or confrontational. Clients include Genzyme, the Mathworks, Boston Private Bank, Boston College and many other smaller and mid-sized companies.

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