Mastering the Critical 1st Step for Grants: Letter of Inquiry (LOI)

Wednesday, October 23, 2019 - 11:00am to 12:30pm
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A common first step of private foundation applications is the letter of inquiry (LOI). Not to be confused with a letter of intent often required by government grant makers, letters of inquiry can be a barrier to grant seeking success if you aren’t careful. You need to engage your letter of inquiry reader right away to be invited to submit a full proposal.

Participating in the webinar “Mastering the Critical 1st Step for Grants: Letter of Inquiry (LOI)” will walk you through, step-by-step, how to write a letter of inquiry that will grab your potential funder’s attention.

In this live, interactive webinar we will look at the steps necessary to write a successful letter of inquiry that will elicit the request for a full proposal from a grant maker that you are seeking.

We will look at and critique successful and unsuccessful LOIs to help understand how to improve your own LOI for future submissions.

Participating in “Mastering the Critical 1st Step for Grants: Letter of Inquiry (LOI)” will give you the basic steps necessary to successfully write a compelling letter of inquiry whether in a limited online form, two page hard copy letter, or anything in between.

What You Will Learn from this Live Interactive Webinar
  • What are the steps of developing a successful letter of inquiry
  • How to create a compelling story within a short word or character limit
  • How to write an outstanding letter of inquiry even if a grant maker does not provide a required format
This Webinar is Perfect For You If…
  • You are new or relatively new to the field of grant seeking; or
  • You are looking to increase your success percentage and craft more competitive grant applications.
This Webinar Includes the Following Supporting Materials

1. A Letter of Inquiry checklist for success.

2.  A letter of inquiry (LOI) development tool to help you gather and document the key components of a successful letter of inquiry.

Presented by Grant Writing Expert Diane H. Leonard, GPC

Diane H. Leonard, GPC is a Grant Professional Certified (GPC) and Approved Trainer for the Grant Professionals Association. Diane and her team have secured more than $51.1 million dollars in competitive grant awards since 2006 for the clients of DH Leonard Consulting & Grant Writing Services. When not working with her team on grant applications for clients, Diane can be found in the 1000 Islands, out for a run, or drinking a strong cup of coffee.

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