A New Look at Employee Engagement

Wednesday, March 20, 2019 - 1:30pm to 2:30pm
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Ijona Skills

Do your employees jump out of bed each morning excited to come to work? When they're at work are they totally absorbed in what they're doing? According to a ton of research, the answer is, unfortunately, "probably not." 

Employee engagement is about building an environment where employees are fully absorbed by their work, enthusiastic about achieving their goals, and consistently take action to further the organization. A fully engaged employee is willing to go the extra mile because she cares about the organization's well-being. He puts his entire mind, body and soul into work when he's on the clock. 

So, if you have employees who work hard or put in long hours, can you say they are engaged? Not necessarily. Plenty of people hate their jobs but work long hours because they think they have to in order to receive a paycheck. If people don't like their jobs they are peddling the wheels to get by, but they aren't taking your organization to the next level. 

Engaged employees work hard, but they are also satisfied with their jobs and experience high levels of morale, commitment, motivation, and loyalty. In turn, your organization experiences high levels of retention, productivity, innovation, attendance, customer satisfaction, and a good reputation. It's safe to say that organizations who focus on engagement are probably outperforming competitors who don't.

So how do you know if employees are engaged, and what they need to become engaged if they aren't?

Why should you attend?

Employee engagement doesn't have to be a rainbow - it doesn't have to be something you forever chase but will never reach.

Truth is, there is a ton of research on how to increase employee engagement, and this webinar will sum it all up for you. Understand how to build engagement by: showing employees you value them, giving them challenging work, building positive relationships, building trust between leaders and employees, creating a positive work environment, reminding employees why their work matters, and providing the opportunity to grow professionally.

The webinar will also provide several vignettes along the way, to demonstrate how powerful the impact a focus on employee engagement can be.

Areas Covered in the Session:


  • Discover various definitions for employee engagement and understand that engagement is unique in every organization.

  • Recognize the ROI of engaged employees and the cost of disengaged employees

  • Identify different generations and how they function in the workforce 

  • Discover 6 turnkey solutions for building employee engagement in any organization 

  • Understand that negative behaviors such as bullying harm employee engagement

  • Understand the importance of coaching negative (but legal) behavior such as incivility or bullying.


Who can Benefit:


  • HR Professionals

  • Business Consultants

  • EAP's

  • Business Owners

  • Leaders, Directors, Managers and Supervisors

  • Employee Relations

  • Union representatives or members

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