Nonprofit Bylaws: What They Should Include & How to Use This Important Management Tool

Tuesday, December 11, 2018 - 11:00am to 12:30pm
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Nonprofit WebAdvisor
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Bylaws are the legal document that governs almost every aspect of a nonprofit's operations from start up, through its life, to winding down and conclusion. Bylaws are often referred to as the "road map" for your organization. They cover all aspects of the management of a nonprofit from the procedures for selecting directors, officers and employees all the way to how you handle grants and resolve potential conflicts of interest. Your bylaws are also a "living document" which may from time-to-time need to be amended in order to deal with changing circumstances. Getting your bylaws right is essential not only so that you remain in compliance with legal requirements and maintain you tax exempt status, but also so that you can continue to work uninterrupted towards achieving your mission. Having poorly drawn and/or inadequate bylaws can cause your nonprofit countless headaches, create legal problems, and make the running of your organization difficult and inefficient.

Please join John Bradley, attorney at law, as he shares his years of legal and nonprofit experience offering guidance on how to draft and maintain bylaws that reflect the goals and mission of your nonprofit and prevent problems during the life of your organization.

What You'll Learn

Just a sampling of what this webinar will cover:

  • Review what your bylaws should include. For example: procedures for selecting board members and their duties, holding meetings, conflict of interest policies and procedures, distribution of grant monies, etc.
  • Discuss legal requirements for bylaws.
  • Understand the process for amending your bylaws.
  • Get tips for drafting bylaws.
  • Review how your bylaws can serve as a blueprint for managing your nonprofit and helping it achieve its mission.
  • Discuss the need for periodically reviewing your bylaws.
  • And much more!

Your Conference Leader

Your conference leader for "Nonprofit Bylaws: What They Should Include & How to Use This Important Management Tool" is John Bradley, attorney at law. Mr. Bradley is an attorney in the West Columbia, South Carolina office of Moore Taylor Law Firm, P.A. John, in addition to his active law practice, has been involved with various nonprofit organizations for more than 25 years in a variety of capacities, and as a result has accumulated a wealth of experience relating to sound nonprofit management and operations. In addition he has practiced law for more than two decades. His practice involves numerous areas of law including appellate practice in state and federal courts, construction law, commercial liability, and products liability. His present practice primarily focuses on representing physicians, hospitals and medical care providers. John has long been active in nonprofits at the local and state level. He is a current volunteer and past board member and president of the Friends of the Richland Library, a nationally recognized library system. He presently serves as a member of the Richland Friends Book Sale Committee, a group that raises money for the Friends through quarterly book sales, put on entirely through volunteer effort. As president of the Richland Library Friends he served as a member of the Richland Library Foundation Board. He has also been active with the Friends of South Carolina Libraries, an organization made up of library friends groups throughout the state of South Carolina. John is presently serving his third term as president of this organization. His duties and responsibilities as president include working and consulting with local Friends groups as well as with individuals interested in forming friends groups. He is familiar with legal issues that arise in both new and previously existing Friends groups. John earned his J.D. degree from the University of South Carolina School of Law.

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