Pay Equity: The New Tsunami for 2020

Wednesday, February 19, 2020 - 11:00am to 12:30pm
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Pay equity issues are of increasing concern to employers and employees alike, and with good reason. The Equal Pay Act has been reinvigorated by recent political and legislative initiatives as well as social media. 
A number of bellwether states, including Massachusetts, California, New Jersey, Delaware, and Oregon, have enacted robust pay equality statutes, with more legislation on the horizon. Equal pay litigation is on the rise and multi-million dollar settlements of class action lawsuits are being reported on a weekly basis. 
Activist shareholder groups are demanding that companies conduct pay audits to ensure employees are being paid fairly and in compliance with these new laws.
Systemic pay inequity is top of mind, with recent research indicating that pay gaps are getting worse and could take more than 100 years to close across the world. 
EEOC endeavors to "[strike] a careful balance between enforcement and compliance assistance,"Dhillon said, it believes "justice delayed is justice denied" for workers whose discrimination claims remain for long periods in the commission's backlog. 
It may be a burden for companies, but it is really a burden for people who are systematically being paid less than they should be paid".
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