Restoring Workplace Culture in The Aftermath of Toxic Employees

Thursday, May 23, 2019 - 11:30am to 1:00pm
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HR Newswatch
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Management breathes a sigh of relief when workplace toxic situations come to a close. Employee relations investigations, the exit of toxic managers, and other ugly situations cause an inevitable bruising of relationships many of which adversely affect productivity. An end to such situations offers opportunities to start anew. However, in many respects, while the matter is considered officially closed, its affects linger, and the healing of closure remains out of reach. Negative patterns of behavior continue, and trust remains eroded. The very real likelihood of retaliation for those who participated in the investigation remains ever-present.
The most effective employers must have processes for solving problems caused by bad employees.  Those processes must include what happens after a toxic employment situation ends. This webinar by employment consultant Teri Morning emphasizes a three-pronged approach to this vital employee relations matter – risk management, problem solving and starting anew.


  • Defining what is retaliation

  • Preventing retaliation

  • Monitoring for retaliation. Processes and procedures

  • What to do if retaliation occurs

Rebuilding Trust and Creating New Norms

  • Teaching managers how to manage a department after trust has been breached

  • Managing employees and the department when workplace complaints have been filed against coworkers and/or their Supervisor

  • Changing workplace norms after a toxic situation has created bad work habits and negative norms

  • Sweeping away the effects of residue left behind by toxic leadership situations

  • How to get people to start anew and leave grudges behind


Teri Morning, MBA, MS, SHRM-SCP, specializes in solving company “people problems” and linking employee performance with compensation. Teri also sources software solutions for employee relations, compensation and performance management. Teri has over 15 years human resource and training experience in a variety of professional fields, including retail, distribution, architectural, engineering, consulting, manufacturing (union), public sector and both profit and non-profit company structures. Teri has enjoyed consulting with employers on their problems and trained managers and employees for over 15 years, meeting and working with employees from all types of businesses. In addition to an MBA, Teri has a Master’s degree in Human Resource Development with a specialization in Conflict Management. She was certified by the State of Indiana in mediation skills, is certified in Project Management and IT Management, qualified as a Myers-Briggs practitioner and holds the SHRM certification of a Senior Certified Professional.

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