Say Hello to Exit Interviews – Leverage Value From an Employee's Parting Thoughts

Tuesday, April 16, 2019 - 11:30am to 1:00pm
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HR Newswatch
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Exit interviews have the ability to enhance your human resource practices - but only if you create an effective exit interview process. Attend this webinar by HR consultant Jeffrey Russell to learn how to leverage the greatest HR value from exit interviews and develop a “next steps” plan for creating an effective exit interview process in your organization. An example exit interview will be shared as a catalyst for exploring what to include and not include in your exit interview questions. We’ll examine some of the challenging issues that you’ll need to address when developing an exit interview process.


Some of the specific learning objectives that we’ll explore in this session include:

  • Define the purpose of exit interviews

  • Identify issues to include/exclude from your exit interviews

  • Explore exit interview issues and challenges such as timing, mandatory vs. voluntary, using surveys or interviews, who conducts them, confidentiality

  • Develop strategies for extracting useful, actionable information from your interviews

  • Examine the most effective exit interview practices

  • Discuss why “exit” interviews are actually too late and why conducting “stay” interviews might be a better strategy


Jeffrey Russell, co-director of Russell Consulting, Inc., specializes in helping organizations achieve great performance while successfully responding to the challenges of continuous change. With a focus on leadership, strategic thinking, leading change, and performance coaching, Jeff has worked internationally with organizations as diverse as Fortune 500 firms, public sector organizations, and small family businesses. Jeff received his Masters in Industrial Relations from the UW-Madison. It is at UW-Madison where he serves as an adjunct faculty member for the Wisconsin Certified Public Manager Program, Small Business Development Center, and School of Engineering.

Jeff is a frequent presenter at local, national, and international conferences. Recent presentations include the International American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) Conferences; Jamaica Employers Federation Conventions; and various Society for Human Resource Management’s state annual conferences.

Jeff and his wife and business partner Linda have co-authored nine books. Recent titles include Leading Change Training, Strategic Planning Training, Change Basics, Ultimate Performance Management, Engage Your Workforce, and most recently, Fearless Performance Reviews (McGraw-Hill, 2014).

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