Webinar on New Mexico Information Commons Project

Wednesday, August 3, 2011 - 8:30pm to 9:30pm
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Sponsored by PNM Resources Foundation
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We are pleased to invite you to join a webinar introducing an exciting project going on in our community. Hosted by Diane Harrison Ogawa, Executive Director of the PNM Resources Foundation.

Several thought leaders in our community have been working with Diane on this project, the New Mexico Information Commons, and you’ll be given an update on the results of the project to date, and where things are going next. Your best thinking is integral to moving this project forward.
As you know, New Mexico is rich with information and data, however, we lack a common platform where all can share and partake of this information. Sharing information and collaborating on our efforts to make New Mexico a better place is the premise upon which this project is based.

Please join us and learn more about this special project and what you can do to participate. Feel free to send this invitation to others whom you feel may be interested. We look forward to hearing from you.

Webinar: (https://meet.pnmresources.com/pnmr/Meet)
EVENT ID: 823196
FIRST TIME USER: Please login 5 minutes before the meeting starts.
AUDIO: You can use a PC headset or telephone dial-in.
You may be asked for your Telephone User-ID and Telephone Password.
- Telephone Password: Default password is 1234#
[If you encounter any technical difficulties linking into this webinar, please call Julian at 553-0337 or Donna at 241-4930 for technical support. Thank you.]

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(505) 918-2685

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