Why Isn’t My Monthly Giving Program as Big as I Think it Should Be?

Tuesday, June 9, 2020 - 12:00pm
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Making the most of monthly sustainers is more important than ever. These donors represent an opportunity to develop consistent revenue and fill the mid-level giving pipeline.

In this webinar, Mike Johnston, founder and president of HJC, will offer a how-to guide to build a successful monthly giving program post COVID-19. This session will provide a wide range of easy-to-understand examples from a world-leading mental health hospital foundation, and leading children's hospitals, foodbanks, animal welfare and social service organizations.

You will leave this webinar ready to:

  • Implement breakthrough, multi-channel approaches to monthly recurring giving
  • Choose, and pilot, the right channels for sustainer growth including digital, social, and mobile phones
  • Secure long term investment commitments and understanding
  • Improve customer-focused technologies, stewardship, retention, and upgrade structures to maximize the investment in sustainer growth
  • Improve your culture as it relates to accepting, supporting, and believing in the long term value of sustainer investments
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