Volunteer Management

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Feb 9 2018
Inspire Impact in Your Community. Each year, the Network Volunteer Center in Las Cruces, New Mexico partners with service organizations to host a Volunteer...
Jan 24 2018
"The Time I Give Makes a Difference." My name is Celia Owens and I am a volunteer at Coming Home Connection (CHC.) As a volunteer, I feel so rewarded because I...
Need an extra hand but don’t have the budget for it? Volunteers can provide high level guidance and expertise, hands-on assistance with day-to-day tasks, and expand organizational capacity, connections and resources.


Volunteers are a vital part of nonprofit organizations. If you are looking for volunteers, please visit our Volunteer Connection directory and post your volunteer opportunities. 

Policies and Procedures

Service Learning

Starting a Volunteer Program

Skill-Based Volunteering

  • Readiness Roadmap - resources to help nonprofits utilize skill-based volunteers by Common Impact, Points of Light, Taproot Foundation and Capital One Financial Corporation

Virtual Volunteering

Youth Volunteers


Value of Volunteer Time

Volunteer Recognition