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Pro Bono Services in New Mexico

Are you a community member interested in supporting nonprofits in New Mexico? Use the "Donate Your Time" button below to describe the services you have to offer. We also recommend that you search for existing Volunteer Opportunities posted by local nonprofits.

Are you a nonprofit looking for specific pro-bono services? View the listings below and see if one fits your needs. If not, use the "Post an Opportunity" button below and your listing will be added to our searchable directory of Volunteer Opportunities.

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Listing Geographic Area Services Last Updated Datesort ascending
Construction Bernalillo Home Improvement/Landscaping Feb 14, 2018
Support with the Basics Bernalillo, Sandoval Cleaning, Cooking, Home Improvement/Landscaping Feb 5, 2018
Real Estate Agent Bernalillo Other Feb 5, 2018
Looking to Donate Time to Your Cause Bernalillo Communications/Marketing, Event Planning/Support, Fundraising Feb 2, 2018
Tutoring, Mentoring, and Manual Labor Regional Other Jan 31, 2018
Basic Bookkeeping & Education Bernalillo Accounting/Finance, Cleaning, Cooking Jan 26, 2018
Labor Bernalillo Cleaning, Home Improvement/Landscaping, Other Jan 24, 2018
Helping Women through Hard Times Bernalillo Communications/Marketing, Event Planning/Support, Fundraising Jan 22, 2018
8th Grade Service Trip Santa Fe Cooking, Home Improvement/Landscaping, Other Jan 19, 2018
Teen Mentor Regional Cooking Jan 8, 2018
Support for Children & Animals Bernalillo Other Jan 8, 2018
Photographer Statewide, Regional, National Other Jan 8, 2018
Multipurpose Volunteer Bernalillo Cleaning, Fundraising, Other Jan 8, 2018
Strategic Planning Regional Strategy Development/Strategic Planning Jan 5, 2018
Administrative Assistant Bernalillo Office/Administrative Support Jan 4, 2018
Art Teacher with Event Organizing Experience Bernalillo Accounting/Finance Dec 21, 2017
Volunteer Support for the Essentials Rural, Urban Event Planning/Support, Process Improvement, Technology (software, hardware, database, web) Dec 20, 2017
Self Care Volunteer Bernalillo Cooking, Event Planning/Support, Fundraising Nov 27, 2017
Licensed Clinical Social Worker Bernalillo Event Planning/Support, Human Resources/Leadership Development, Strategy Development/Strategic Planning Nov 27, 2017
Volunteer Bookeeper Statewide Accounting/Finance, Cooking, Office/Administrative Support Nov 20, 2017
Data Analysis & Professional Writing Bernalillo, Sandoval Human Resources/Leadership Development, Strategy Development/Strategic Planning, Technology (software, hardware, database, web) Nov 15, 2017
Pro Bono Performer Regional Other Nov 1, 2017
Experienced Volunteer Regional Cooking Sep 13, 2017
Business Administration & Marketing Volunteer Urban Communications/Marketing, Event Planning/Support, Office/Administrative Support Aug 18, 2017
Creative, Efficient Organizer Bernalillo Project Management, Strategy Development/Strategic Planning May 30, 2017



The Center for Nonprofit Excellence, United Way of Central New Mexico provides these volunteer opportunities as a service to our community and does not assume any responsibility for the validity of such postings. To ensure accurate and up-to-date information, please contact the organization who posted the opportunity.

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