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Goodwill Industries of New Mexico is a proud partner in the Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP). Here’s how it works:

Goodwill identifies older workers who meet specific criteria (such as age and income requirements), and then assesses their skills and abilities.

Goodwill matches an older worker with nonprofit organizations or public agencies that can provide job training opportunities in professional work settings.

SCSEP pays the wages and benefits of the older worker- typically 20 hours per week.

Goodwill monitors the enrollee’s progress in training and assists with evaluating his or her performance.

While the older worker learns new skills, Goodwill helps him or her transition into permanent employment, either at the training site (if a position becomes available) or at another employer in the community.

Host Agencies cite these qualities in older workers: a superior work ethic, loyalty to the employer, maturity in the workplace, flexible schedules, and eagerness to learn new technologies.

It’s a win-win partnership.

For more information or to become a host agency contact Rey Cordova, Community Development Coordinator at 881-6030 ext.1833 or or by visiting our website at

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