Vision, Mission & History


We envision a vibrant, effective, and equity-driven social sector that promotes the well-being of New Mexico's people and communities.


To connect, strengthen, and advocate for New Mexico’s social sector while unleashing its full potential.

Core Values

Racial Equity, Collaboration, Community, and Impact


Founded in 1991, the New Mexico Association of Grantmakers (NMAG) was established to increase the effectiveness and impact of organized philanthropy throughout New Mexico. Historically, membership has included private foundations, corporate philanthropists, governmental grantmakers and individuals giving across the state. NMAG has offered learning and networking programs and has served as backbone for collaborative efforts. In 2020, NMAG’s leadership took a bold step in expanding the organization’s mission to serve the broader nonprofit sector (also referred to as the Social Sector). 

After many meetings, conversations and deliberation with NMAG members and community leaders, NMAG adopted three distinct but complementary programs. The Center for Nonprofit Excellence (CNPE), the New Mexico Impact Investing Collaborative (NMIIC) and the Zone Grant Collaborative all merged into NMAG on July 1, 2020. This multiple level merger resulted in an expansion of programs and an increase in membership. While NMAG has remained true to its original purpose, it has now expanded its programs to serve both philanthropy and nonprofit organizations across the state of New Mexico. 

As its programs grow, it has become the bridge that connects nonprofit organizations and philanthropy. NMAG continues to provide workshops, networking and capacity building opportunities. Moreover, it’s strength in building collaboratives continues to provide necessary acumen for funders and cross sector leadership.

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