5 Tips for Selecting Skilled Board Members


More than half — 58 percent — of nonprofit leaders report that it is difficult to recruit new members1. Yet, selecting the right board members is the best way to ensure that your organization is successful.

Check out these 5 tips for selecting skilled board members who have a passion for your mission:

  1. Form a Nominating Committee made up of current board members.  If your organization does not already have one in place, do so right away.
  2. Start by looking at your Strategic Plan to determine the skills and connections your organization needs to meet its goal and objectives.
  3. Place all current board member names, occupations, board roles and other pertinent information on a matrix that can be shared with the nominating committee and board.
  4. Update this matrix regularly and remember that board recruitment is an on-going dynamic process. Ask current board members for referrals.
  5. Consider having board members do a yearly self-evaluation of their performance.

Have you thought about joining a nonprofit board but aren't sure where to start? 

Join Jeff Hoehn, Executive Director of CLNKids, Tsiporah Nephesh, Founding Director of New Mexico Thrives, and Anne Nokes, an experienced board member, for the Getting Started in Board Service traning on October 26th. You'll learn about financial oversight, planning and goal setting, executive director accountability, fundraising and resource development, and the role that board members play in enhancing the public standing of an organization.

1 Leading with Intent 2015: A National Index of Nonprofit Board Practices

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