Why Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Matter for Nonprofits

Taking a stand against racism, bigotry, and intolerance is not enough. Nonprofit organizations are traveling a journey to identify how to build the core values of diversity, equity, and inclusion into all our nonprofit’s operations, as well as model those values. Embracing diversity, equity, and inclusion as organizational values is a way to intentionally make space for positive outcomes to flourish, whether in the nonprofit capacity building or public policy spheres. Similarly, each nonprofit should articulate its own values and be guided by them. For example, use your staff meetings and board meetings to discuss your core values. How will the nonprofit apply those values in its daily operations? 

For some organizations, the moral imperative of equity may be enough to spur action. Others may be moved by data showing that diversity can boost the quality of decision-making and that a diverse workplace can encourage people to be “more creative, more diligent, and harder-working.” Studies have also shown that a more diverse staff can foster enhanced innovation.

And when board members, employees, and others who shape the values and activities of a nonprofit come from a wide array of backgrounds, they each bring unique perspectives that shape, blend, and influence how to advance the nonprofit’s mission and solve problems in potentially more inclusive and innovative ways.

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